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Stone Fort / Little Rock City

Little Rock City / Stone Fort

Little Rock City / Stone Fort is on private property. Use your best judgement and avoid any behavior that could compromise our opportunity to climb there. Please abide by these rules which were set forth by the landowner and encourage others to do the same. Your cooperation is very important for keeping LRC / Stone Fort open.

Rules and Guidelines:

  • Climbers will no longer need to pre-register on the SCC Website to park or climb. However, ALL CLIMBERS WILL BE REQUIRED TO SIGN-IN AND PAY $6 DAY USE FEE UPON EACH VISIT.
  • Climbers will continue to sign a Climbing Liability Waiver on their first visit. The waiver will be kept on file at Montlake. This waiver will continue to be available for download on the SCC Website and Montlake will also keep blank waivers available at the clubhouse.

    All other general rules for visiting Stone Fort/LRC will remain the same:

  • Everyone entering the property must download, sign and turn in a Liability Waiver to the golf course Club House. This is a one time process.
  • Park only in areas clearly marked as "Climber Parking".
  • No Dogs
  • No night bouldering or camping
  • No Loud Music
  • Maintain a Low Profile (no yelling/swearing)
  • Stay off the Golf Course and Fairways
  • Always Yield to Golfers
  • Shirts must be worn in parking lot and clubhouse
  • Climbers should make every effort to stay on trails (avoid shortcutting the trail system).
  • Place crashpads/packs on durable surfaces (rock and ‘hard pack’ areas directly below the boulders... not on plants).
  • Montlake requests that you pack out what you pack in to the boulderfield.
  • The community also asks that you consider carrying a trashbag with you on each visit to collect any trash that you find.
  • Click here to download a Climbing Liability Waiver

    for crash pad rentals, check out:

  • Anvil Crash Pad Rentals, Located in Chattanooga, TN

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    Published on: 2014-07-30 (4766 reads)
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