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Sucka Cave TN

Sucka Cave TN

In 2015 the Baker family purchased the Sucka Cave property and, upon hiking the property and learning that there was a small climbing area, contacted the SCC and Access Fund to discuss public access. Being huge fans of the outdoors, the Bakers wanted to share their family land with the climbing community! SCC and Access Fund worked with the family to put in trails, a kiosk, and signage and the crag officially opened in Spring 2017.  When you're climbing at Sucka Cave and get the great pleasure to meet this wonderful family, please be sure to tell them THANKS!


Please respect the landowners and neighbors privacy! We have posted white and red "end climbing boundary" signs on each end of the cliff. DO NOT GO BEYOND THESE SIGNS!! The families homes are around the corner and they do NOT want to see climbers exploring their property!


Sucka Cave Area Rep: David Campeotto, campeotto.david@gmail.com 

Sucka Cave TN

Here's a little note from the Baker's, including guidelines and rules. Please read carefully before visiting Sucka Cave:

Hey friends!

Welcome to our pad! We love the outdoors, love athletes and have a killer passion for family. We also dig the SCC and Access Fund and decided to partner up and open the climbing to the public. This land is a gift to our family and we hope it can be a gift to the outdoor community.

So hey, enjoy the climbing, trails and amazingness of this place. Check out the map for property boundaries and access points. We’re a pretty trusting family so do us a favor and stay in the boundaries of the climbing zone ​ (if we see you up there you’re free game for our water balloon and watermelon launcher.). Our homes are close to here and it would be a bummer to have to shut this down. You’ll see boundary markings and signs at each end of the cliff. Take a selfie with them just don’t go beyond them.

Here are some other rules we think are important:

Be a good neighbor. Smile. Wave. Drive slow. Don’t block traffic.
Music is great, music the entire mountain can hear, isn’t.
Come for the day, leave for the night. ​ No camping please.
Smokey the Bear says NO fires. Can you imagine burning up 530 acres? #expensive
Keep your pooches leashed. And please, for the love of all things pick up the poop.
Leave no trace: pack out what you bring in.
Don’t bolt or establish routes without permission. Contact info@seclimbers.org.
Don’t top out the cliff unless permitted for route maintenance purposes.
Wanna help?

The SCC is a rockstar and hosts many trail days a year. They need OUR help to keep this place legit and awesome. On top of keeping the area clean, it would be awesome if you’d let us know about anything that needs immediate attention. Email info@seclimbers.org.

~The Baker Family

Sucka Cave TN


Directions From Chattanooga:
GPS Coordinates to parking area: 35°11'01.6"N 85°26'39.9"W

Drive up Suck Creek Road. Pass Holloway's Grocery and go around the first sharp curve (you will see a large pull off on the right that can be used for overflow parking).  The Sucka Cave parking will be in the bend of the next curve on the left side of the road (there is a 'no trespassing' sign and a white cross on a tree).  The trail goes directly into the woods from there.  Use the parking on the right side of the road or up the hill at the large pull off for overflow and walk down the road to the trail.  BE CAREFUL!

**Do not block traffic and maintain a low profile. There are neighbors very close by--be respectful, quiet, and drive slowly when entering and leaving.**

Sucka Cave TN


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Published on: 2017-04-19 (1365 reads)
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