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Jamestown, AL

Harvest Wall

Climber on Scarecrow

History and Access Information:

The Jamestown climbing area is comprised of nearly one mile of 80 to 100 foot tall sandstone climbing cliff located in northeastern Alabama. Situated above the town of Jamestown, this area has a long history of climbing dating back to 1977. The area was discovered by visiting climbers Rich Gottlieb and Chick Holtcamp, who were touring the Lookout Mountain area and climbing at nearby Yellow Creek. In time, Jack Chislet, Eric Zschiesche, John Vermont, Shannon Stegg, Gene Smith, Mark Cole, Rob Robinson and Chris Watford would all put up new routes on the sandstone cliffs called Jamestown. Today the area boasts many superb lines and a large concentration of 2 and 3 star routes.

Jamestown has been closed to the public since 1993 after a dispute with a local landowner. The cliff has sat relatively unused and almost forgotten until climbers revisited tax maps and contacted the owner about the possibility of leasing the area. Eventually talks led to the possibility of purchasing the land and a survey of the cliff was quickly commissioned.

The Southeastern Climbers Coalition purchased the 3.14 acre tract with 1,550 linear feet of cliff on May 3, 2005. The 1,550 linear feet of cliff on the SCC tract starts at the powerline at a slab wall with a white pickup truck at the base of the cliff and ends at a free-standing pillar with a short sport climb. The remainder of the cliff-line is privately owned. The whole wall extends for a mile. The Harvest Wall and Winter Wall at Jamestown have been open to climbing since the SCC acquisition of Jamestown.

General Regulations:

  1. Please keep the noise to a minimum and be respectful of homeowners on the cliff above and the valley below.
  2. Do not build fires or fire rings at the base of the cliff!
  3. Do not leave any valuables in car.
  4. Please carpool if possible. Parking is limited to about 10 vehicles. Please pull your car in at an angle to minimize total parking area.
  5. You can use the parking lot in the bottom field and hike in. Otherwise do not use any other access to this crag. You will severely impair our abilities to climb in other areas if you trespass on private lands.
  6. Park off the road on C.R. 103-Crest Road - near the old APC trail head. Do not park in the road, or near the powerlines.
  7. The Alabama Power Company (APC) hiking trail IS CLOSED!! Please DO NOT USE that trail to access the crag!
  8. No camping. Camping is available nearby at Adams Outdoors, DeSoto State Park, or Sand Rock.

Climbing Regulations:

  1. The top of the Jamestown cliff is all private land. Do not top out on the wall for any reason.
  2. Do not climb on Alabama Power Company or Lake on the Brow property. It is off limits. No exceptions. Climb only on SCC property.
  3. NO BOLTING. Jamestown is primarily a traditional climbing area. Please be respectful. If you have questions, please contact the Property Managers listed below.

Leave No Trace:

  1. Keep this area beautiful and clean. Clean up after yourselves, your peers, and your pets. Lead by example and pick it up on the first pass.
  2. Please read our crag minimal impact flier


Gate Combination:

By checking this box and clicking the Agree button below, I confirm that I have read, understand and agree to follow the rules, regulations and Leave No Trace guidelines on this page.


Driving Directions:

  • From Chattanooga:

    Head south on I-59. Take the first Ft payne exit; take a left on to Hwy. 11 and go back over bridge heading into town on the main drag. You will pass a Pizza Hut on the left and Grocery Store on right, which is the last chance for grub. After several stop lights turn left on to hwy 35 where you will see a sign for the Little River Canyon and continue up the steep hill and onto lookout mtn.

    Pass over Little River bridge and continue for 3.0 miles and take a left onto CR15. Continue on CR15 for 3.1 miles, passing Moseley Cemetery, and look for a small green marker address sign with the number 3147 on it and a mammut sticker.

    Turn left at the 3147 sign onto a dirt road and go 0.6 miles. you will go past red/white no trespassing sign and an old stone dam. At a Y, look for a gated dirt road on the right near the beginning of a fence with another small mammut sticker on it. Closing the gate behind you, go right on this unimproved dirt road. Go .6 miles to power lines. You'll reach a fork where a barn is visible off to the left, take the right fork & proceed through the woods paralleling a large ditch on the left. This is the road from the most recent trail day. Follow the road until you reach the base of the power lines. For lower ground clearance vehicles, you should park here off the road and out of the way. For higher ground clearance vehicles, proceed up the power line to reach the parking lot. Cross a small ditch, and the trail will break left into the woods, left of the powerline cut. Follow the trail until it meets the cliff, and then follow the cliff to the left to find the routes.

    Driving and Hiking approach Map.

  • Condensed Driving Directions from Fort Payne:
    Follow Hwy 35 to Little River Canyon
    From Little River Bridge continue 3.0 miles on Hwy 35
    Left onto Hwy 273. go 3.1 miles
    Left @ 3147 green marker (tiny road) go .6miles
    Bear right before gate. go .6mi to power line
    Turn Right at power line and park under power line. Follow cairn up steep trail to cliff.
  • From Birmingham:
    Head north on I-59. Take the first Ft. Payne exit. Take a right onto Hwy. 35 and follow through town and veer left at stop light next to Alabama Fan Club bldg. onto Hwy 11. Go through downtown Ft. Payne and turn right at city park with Little River Canyon sign onto Hwy. 35 and follow directions above.

  • From Rome GA:
    Take Hwy 20 to Hwy. 35 towards Ft. Payne. Before you ascend the large hill that takes you into Little River Canyon, take a right onto CR15. Follow directions above.

Jamestown Property Manager:
Scott Perkins


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