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High Point GA

High Point, GA
Access Update 01-13-2014

A view from High Point. Photo by Frank Nederland

SCC Executive Director Michael Wurzel spoke with Pat Kelly, the land manager for the Lula Lake Land Trust (LLLT) about High Point a climbing area in Walker County, GA. High Point was closed many years ago but has since re-opened to climbing after Lula Lake purchased the land. High Point routes are found in the Dixie Craggers Atlas by Chris Watford.

The current access is via a new parking area has been built at the intersection of Nick-A-Jack Road and Highway 157. An access option is to drive by Tower Road, which is the gravel road up to High Point and drop off climbers. Then have someone drive to the Nick-A-Jack Road trailhead about 5 miles away, park and mountain bike back to meet the party at Tower Road. Hike down Tower Road to access High Point climbing.

If your going to climb at High Point , please call Pat Kelly on his cell phone 706-639-3099. This courtesy call will allow Pat to know that climbers are up at High Point in case of emergency or problems.

The LLLT, www.lulalake.org, is working with the Southeastern Climbers Coalition to open their gates to sustainable, recreational use of their land. Michael Wurzel, Pat Kelly, and the Lula Lake staff and board are working together on a proposal that would improve access to High Point via a new, closer parking area and shorter approach trail. More details about the access will be released as the project moves forward.

High Point is located on the eastern rim of Lookout Mountain about 10 miles south of Chattanooga and approximately 1 mile east of the town of Thompsonville in Walker County, Georgia. High point is the highest point on Lookout Mountain. There are approximately 45 routes, mostly traditional and mixed, ranging from 30 to 70 feet in height. While the routes tend to be short, commonly 45 to 50 feet, the lines are classic and steep.

Info from a site visit by the Atlanta Climbing Club in August 2009 from Frank Nederland:
"The routes are full of lichen and dirt from lack of use and the orientation of the cliff line, but there is potential for some beautiful lines there."

Some steep stone at the area. Photo by Frank Nederland

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Published on: 2005-10-04 (10192 reads)
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