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Lost Wall

Lost Wall is located in northwest Georgia near the city of Lafayette, Georgia.

The cliff is aptly named as it is barely visible from the road in the valley. But take a trip up the mountain and you will find one of Georgia's hidden gems. A sandstone fortress with 80 ft. walls awaits the climbers who want to venture out and explore. Traditional climbing is the name of the game, so dont forget your rugby shirt and painter pants. Home of many a fist crack, roof systems and sweet vertical sandstone faces. Lost Wall is sure to find a warm spot in your climbing soul.

Lost Wall resides in the Crockford Pigeon Mountain Wildlife Management Area.


Update on Climbing pass (updated Jan 2012)

You now have to have a pass to climb at Lost Wall. They are available at the Georgia DNR's website here:

Click Here

Lost Wall is CLOSED for hunting during some dates in the Fall. Click here to check the Georgia DNR website here for seasonal hunting closures.

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IMPORTANT Anchor Information: At Lost Wall there are no fixed anchors so climbers should bring webbing and rap rings or bail biners. Also any existing webbing anchors should be carefully inspected before use as animals routinely chew through the webbing.

DNR Park Rules for Lost Wall
* Padding must be used on trees when top-roping or rappelling .
* No cutting of live vegetation - especially at the base of boulders.
* The placement of any bolt requires written permission from The Department of Natural Resources. It is a felony to place a bolt at Lost Wall or Rock Town. You will be charged with "Defacement of Government Property".
* No alcohol or drug use.
* Pack it in, Pack it out. No littering. Haul out any other trash you find that any dumbo's left behind

Catherine Smith finding her way up Linda's Corner. Robert Smith on belay.

Camping - Camping is paid for through the GORP system but the maximum stay is 2 weeks. If you feel you must stay longer, please leave the area and go to Sandrock for a week and then you may return.

Emergencies Dial 911 or
Walker County Search and Rescue - (706) 638-1919
Ambulance Service - (706) 638-2424

Nearby Eats - Check out Jeds corner store (on the left going back to Lafayette). Fill up your gas tank, grab a BBQ sandwich and check out the large selection of ummm... well just for see for yourself. Groceries and all the normal gedunk stuff back in Lafayette.
Recommended Routes at Lost Wall
Bring your trad-fanglin' gear and widgets as there are a lot of cracks and roofs to bust at Lost Wall. Sweet Sassafrassy - 5.8
Black Pig - 5.9
Booze and Broads - 5.9
Pipe full of Fun - 5.10a
Tumbler - 5.10b
Foreign Policy - 5.11b
Prevailing Winds - 5.11c
Persistence - 5.11c
Nightmares - 5.12

Fall 2005 - Access Fund Adopt-a-Crag Lost Wall Writeup (from The SCC website) From the Atlanta Climbing Club - We thank all of those who came out and worked at the Atlanta Climbing Club, Access Fund, Adopt a Crag Trail Day. There were about 30 of us who came to work. This year the ACC had a combo Rock Town/LostWall Trail day which was quite successful. We worked on the trails from 10:00am until about 1:00pm. Bryan Rayfield and Chef Jeff Mekolites grilled "Bubba Burgers" ( Shaped like the state of Georgia). They were excellent. Everyone participated in a raffle which benefited the Access Fund and the Southeast Climbers Coalition. We raised approximately $600.00. and a good time was had by all. - I had to say that.- everyone says "a good time was had by all". Afterwards we all climbed at Lost Wall until dark and then ate Mexican Don Locos. Thanks to all of the many volunteers.

Speeding Tickets Issued at Lost Wall (from the SCC website on 10.16.2000)
Climbers, be warned that the local ranger and state patrol are keeping a close eye on the gravel road to Lost Wall. This past weekend a climber from Atlanta received a speeding ticket for going 36 mph on the flat stretch leading to the paved highway. When he asked the officer what the problem was, he said specifically that climbers, not locals were speeding down the road. Slow down, obey the laws and enjoy the scenery. Lets not do anything to jeopardize climbing up on Pigeon Mountain.

Access Fund Adopt-A-Crag Trail Day Fall 2000 Writeup (from The SCC website)
The Lost Wall Trail Day turned out to be the most successful trail day at the crag to date. Lost Wall is the home of a hidden band of fractured sandstone with dozens of high quality crack climbs. The wall has also been the scene of more than one climbing accident in the past year. This emergency evacuation was cause for rescuers to break out chain saws to remove last winters ice storm damage to allow fast evacuation of the injured climber. Over 25 volunteers took part in the event which was sponsored by The Access Fund Adopt-a-crag program and coordinated at a local level by Gary Latimer of The Atlanta Climbing Club and The Southeastern Climbers Coalition. The group worked for several hours to remove downed trees and large boulders from the trail while rebuilding the area to reduce erosion and splinter trails. The laborers worked up a heavy sweat but were all treated to lunch and goodies afterwards. All volunteers made out like bandits with a great raffle thanks to The Access Fund, The Challenge Rock
Climbing School, Patagonia, PMI and High Country. Talk turned to next years effort with a vow to return to give something back to a crag that we all enjoy. After the event the bulk of the group headed back into the forest for some awesome climbing on the sandstone cliffs. For more photos of the event go to www.thechallengerock.com. Look for a spring trail day at The Rocktown trail day is scheduled for May 5, 2001 and a Lost Wall trail day next fall on September 8, 2001.

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click for SCC Crag - Minimal Impact Flier: Special Thanks to the Atlanta Climbing Club for their many years of community service at Lost Wall to keep the trail in tip-top shape.

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