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Ashley McLeod stlyin' up a route at Buzzard.
The view from the top at Buzzard.
Buzzard Point TN

Buzzard Point Info
Buzzard Point Location Map

New Trail Access to Buzzard Reviewed 5.2000
A new trail access is currently being reviewed to hike into Buzzard Point. Long known for its time consuming hike, many climbers have stayed away from the area and chose instead to go to nearby Foster Falls. The proposed hike will start at an existing parking lot downhill from the cliffs and is currently being studied. Buzzard Point is located on Bowater Paper Company land and is deemed as a recreational area.

Access Fund Adopt-A-Crag Trail Day Fall 2000

On September 9, a small group of climbers met at Buzzard Point near Dayton, Tennessee for the Access Fund's Adopt-A-Crag trail day.  The main objective of the work day was not only trash removal and trail work, but also an effort to alleviate some of the access issues that have caused Buzzard Point's popularity to decline over the past five years.  The day was very successful in all aspects.

We did some light trail work but the main task at hand was picking up trash. Buzzard Point is a popular camping spot for non-climbers and the abuse of this area has lead to the closure of the access road.  Upon returning to the cliff to climb, we ran into one of the land owners.  He was pleased to hear of the work being done and discussed  the access issues with us that had kept buzzard in jeopardy.  He actually got names and numbers and gave us his so we could contact him when we wanted to climb there.  He also discussed more permanent solutions to the parking problem still present at the crag.  He already seemed very open to climbers, but during our discussion came to understand why we would spend our saturday picking up someone else's trash
on someone else's land.  Encounters like this make trail days worth while and hopefully will help keep access open to climbers even when others have lost that privilege.

Thanks to all those who participated: Nathan, Thomas, Kirk, Travis and Amber.

Also, thanks to our contributors for lunch and prizes:  the Southeastern Climbers Coalition, the Access Fund , REI , Black Diamond , Franklin Climbing, Petzl and Boulderdash! .

Lance Brock , SCC Tennessee Representative