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Kings Bluff, TN

Climber on Luther's Fury
History and Access Information:

Kings Bluff is located in Clarksville, Tennessee and was donated to The Southeastern Climbers Coalition in 2002. The limestone crag is 9.78 acres and has over 160 routes traversing the Cumberland River on 1,673.85 linear feet of cliff. It is now owned and maintained by the SCC. Primarily a sport climbing area, this area has routes ranging from 5.3 to 5.13 and will put your crimp strength to the test. Local climbers sponsor an annual cookout to help raise funds to pay the taxes and upkeep of the area.

Scott Griggs, the Kings Bluff Property Manager notes that the gate at Kings Bluff is no longer kept locked. If you are the first car to arrive you should find the gate closed but unlocked. If you are the last car out please close the gate behind you.

Sandstone is great! Steep bucket hauls and vertical cracks. It doesn't get much better. How about some limestone? Go to Rifle or England, and you'll find the hardest sport climbs are on limestone. King's Bluff, near Clarksville, Tennessee doesn't have the hardest routes in the southeast but it does have a wide diversity of difficulty (5.3-5.13) to test your mettle. Limestone tends to be more crimpy and power climbing rather than pumpy and endurance climbing.

Climbing at King's began in the early 1990s spearheaded mainly by Walt Wilkinson. The resurgence of development in recent years has been the result of the efforts of several individuals including Joey Redman, Doyle Parsons, and Mark Ilgner. The routes range in height from 30 to 80 feet and are almost exclusively sport. A few routes are mixed.

Read about the dedication of Kings Bluff to the SCC.

General Regulations:

1. Parking: The entrance to the bluff is through several businesses. Do not park in their spaces. Drive through the gates and park in the cul-de-sac at the trail head.
2. When you enter or leave, close the gate.
3. There are no camp sites at the bluff. If you want to sleep in the car or the back of your truck, that's okay, but please close the gate at night so as to not promote the idea that the park is open to the general party crowd after dark. 4. Hold the noise down in the quiet zone so as not to disturb the residents above.

Climbing Regulations:

1. There is private property where some of the routes top out. Do not top out but rather rappel back down from the anchors.
2. Climb on established routes only.

    Leave No Trace:

  • Keep this area beautiful and clean. Clean up after yourselves, your peers, and your pets. Lead by example and pick it up on the first pass.

  • Please read our crag minimal impact flier

Gate Combination:

If you would like to visit King's Bluff, and would like the combination to the lock on the gate to the parking lot, you must have read and agree to the Regulations and Guidelines posted on this page.
I have read and agree to the General Regulations, the Climbing Specific Regulations and the Leave No Trace guidelines above.

    Driving Directions:

  • Go on I-24 West to exit #11 Clarksville/Adams. Turn left on state road 76. Continue about 3 miles, to a four-way intersection with a Kmart on the left. Continue straight for another 2.7 miles to Max Court just past the BP station, which is on the right. Turn left onto Max Court.

    Kings Bluff Property Manager:

    Wesley "Scott" Griggs - kingsbluff@hotmail.com