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One of the many boulders in Hitchiti.
Brad McLeod on Rock Till Ya Drop at the Juliette Boulders.
If you live in Middle Georgia there is relief for stranded climbers that thought there were no stone within 3 hours. Though not another southern destination, there is some scattered bouldering and alot of areas to be explored. Check it out, who knows what you will find.

Hitchiti Boulders
General Information: This area is a group of granite boulders with good texture. The boulders range in height up to about 18 feet. Several problems exist (12 witnessed), many more await first ascent. This area is small but high in quality for middle Georgia. This spot is located in the Hitchiti experimental forest on public land. As far as I know, my friends and I were the first to climb here back in Feb. 97. If you're stuck near Macon you gotta check it out.
~ Will Weirs

More info:
Georgia Forestry Comm.
Middle Georgia Outdoors

Directions: From Forsyth, Georgia take Hwy. 18 east towards Gray, or From Macon take Hwy. 87 (Riverside Dr.) north At the intersection of Hwy 87 and 18 (you'll see a caution light and a convience store), take Hwy. 18 east towards Gray. You will cross the Ocmulgee river. A few miles after crossing the river take a left onto Jarrel Plantation road. Proceed about 1 mile, park in the gravel parking lot on your right. The trail head is across the road. The trail begins at the sign-in it is 1.5 miles long, it deadends into a forest road which is 1 mile long and brings you back to the start making a nice 2.5 mile loop. The trail is scenic, but if you're here to climb take the road in, it's shorter. The road forks- go left. At the end of the road the trail will be on your right. The trail parallels the river. About 2 hundred yards down the trail from the end of the road the boulders will begin to be visible to your right stretching back into the woods along the hills. Enjoy!!

Juliette Boulders
General Information: This classic area is one of the oldest climbing areas near Macon (and one of the best). The rock here is very fine grained yet solid. It has eroded in ways very similiar to Rocktown or Sandrock. In fact, it might even be sandstone for all I know. Anyway, word of mouth says climbing activity began here in the early 80's with a group of Mercer college students. Trey McCombs and friends frequented the area in the early 90's and established some hard stuff. Juliette is home to (what is in my opinion) THE classic boulder problem of the middle Georgia area. "Rock till ya Drop", first ascent unknown, is a twenty foot overhang that faces the lake. Originally rated 5.9+, every hold is a jug, and every move is dynamic. A true classic, if you fudge the topout you'll probably break an ankle (these days I hang a toprope on it). Juliette is a great albeit small area. Located right on the water of Lake Juliette, the scenery is second to none. Problems exist over the water which provides a refreshing landing zone in warmer months, but watch for old tree stumps!!! Unlike other areas near Macon, almost every problem here is an overhang, nothing but power, so warm up those flexor tendons, it's easy to get a workout here. Like other areas I've described- if you're near Macon don't miss it, otherwise head north.
~ Will Weirs
Additional info:
Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources
Directions: This area is located on the Rum Creek WMA. Thank God, public land.

Murder Creek Boulders ~ Eatonton
General Information: Murder Creek despite its name is great little place to visit. It is located within the Cedar Creek WMA. Murder Creek sports a small collection of fine grained boulders along the ridge that overlooks some beautiful rapids. There are really only a handfull of problems here, but they are fun and worth the trip if you're stuck in the area. Most problems are vertical, but a few overhangs exist. The tallest top out at about 18 feet. The area stays wet after a rain, and cottonmouths frequent the area in warm weather.
~ Will Weirs

Directions: Hwy. 129 and Hwy. 212 intersect about halfway between Milledgeville and Monticello. There is a convience store there. From that intersection, take Hwy. 129 northeast towards Eatonton. You will cross Murder Creek. About 1 mile past Murder Creek look for Fred Wooten Rd. on your left. This gravel road becomes a forest service access road which is gated sometimes. At one time camping was allowed by the creek, but last time I visited it was closed to vehicles due to vandalism. Drive or hike (its only about 1 mile) to the end of Fred Wooten Rd. It ends at a gravel parking lot. A trail leads down to the creek. The boulders are mainly on your right, you won't miss them. Explore along the creek and hills.