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Oconee Boulders
Some boulders on the lake shore pennisula.
Robert Smith top's out the Bigger Taco.
There are boulders in middle georgia? No way, you say, thats impossible. Well believe it or not there are miles of clusters of granite blobs all through The Oconee Wildlife Management Area near Greensboro, Georgia. The rock is similar to Boat Rock but maybe slightly courser at times. There are lots of slabs, the occasional crack and if you hunt around enough, the super hard project. The area is periodically burned so walking through the woods and finding new boulders is super easy. The forest is matrixed with good dirt roads which make for easy driving to the different areas and if your into mountain biking, some good fast riding. A new cluster was found recently that are directly adjacent to Lake Oconee. Anyone up for some water bouldering this summer?

Many climbers have visited the area to explore to include Will Weirs, Zak Pitts, Bob Cormany and Shannon Stegg. Many have come to the area and climbed, cleaned a few problems and enjoyed the solitude. The WMA is a 4100 acre state-owned tract that is managed by the Department of Natural Resources for hunting, however, other recreational activities are also allowed. Camping is allowed only in designated areas. For a link to the hunting dates, check out this link.

The dates where you're most likely to be shot are during firearm hunts for deer. Small game hunters are fewer and far between. Also turkey season might get you shot. This area is managed similar to Pigeon Mountain WMA and the WMA at T-Wall.

A topo has been posted on the SCC message board along with lots of info on new areas that are being explored

Oconee Boulders Photos

Oconee Boulders Directions:
Directions from Atlanta:
take Interstate 20 west to exit 130, GA HWY. 144. Turn right off the ramp, then 500 yards and left on Meadow Crest Road (there is a Chevron on the corner and your last chance for gas, drinks and snacks). Follow Meadow Crest Road (turns to dirt quickly) for 2.1 miles and it will dead end into Walker Church Road. Turn Left on Walker Church Road and go 0.6 miles to Veazy Road. Turn right on Veazy Road and follow for about 4.5 miles and turn right onto Liberty Church Road. Take Liberty Church for 7.1 miles (you will begin to see boulders on the side of the road and in the woods. Turn right on a gravel road with an Oconee WMA Dove Field sign (the Oconee WMA Ranger station is just past this). This is the road that leads into the heart of the WMA and the boulders. You will see several boulders on the right and left.

Bigger Taco area: Drive on gravel road for 1.3 miles going past a maintenance shed on the left. At 1.3 miles; turn left on a small road and park before the gate. Walk a few hundred yards and you will see the boulder field. There is a steep overhang a few hundred yards off the road. The Bigger Taco boulder is across the low point and on the other hill across from the steep overhang. There are many other boulders around there.

Lakeshore Boulders: Drive 0.3 miles past the Bigger Taco area and veer right thru another gate. Park in the middle of boulder field. The lake is further down the road to the right. There is another area further down the main road that leads to BT and Lakeshore. You will see boulders. There are also boulders 0.6 miles past the ranger station on the left. There is also another area

Granite Wave Boulders: Get back on Liberty Church Road, go past Dove Field sign and pass Ranger Station on the right (they have maps of the area). Drive 1.6 miles past ranger station; take a right at 2nd yellow gate (there are two very close to each other that are just off the dirt road). Take the right and drive 0.3 miles and park (you will see some small boulders on your left and a field with small pine trees that are over head high). Walk to your left about 200 yards and you will see a tall boulder with 2 off width cracks. The granite wave boulder is to your right, it is a weird overhang that if you stand under it feels like your surfing under a granite wave. Lots to do hear (maybe a v11 titanic).

There are many other boulders all thru the forest; it is easy to walk around as the forest is often burned for management. Most of the boulders are coarse (I found a few that were solid clean granite) and need cleaning (bring lots of brushes, brooms; lots of slabs; if you search hard enough; you may find something really good. Have fun out there.

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