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The Tennessee Wall and Prentice-Cooper

Fall 2017 Hunt Dates:
Sept. 16-22
Oct. 5-7, 21-22, 26-28
Nov. 3-5, 25-30

The T-Wall is CLOSED to climbing on these dates. Thank you for your cooperation.

These are the dates for managed hunts on Prentice-Cooper State Forest and WMA. Prentice-Cooper land WEST of Hwy 27 (Suck Creek Rd) will be closed to all visitors except hunters on these dates.

The area east of Suck Creek Rd including Roadside Wall, the Upper Passes and Edwards Point will remain open to the public on these dates.

This crag adopted by:

Rock/Creek Outfitters   Chaco Sandals

Through a grant recieved from Rock/Creek Outfitters & Chaco Sandals, the SCC is able to make improvements to the parking lot, camping area, trailhead and approach trail.

Parking at the T-Wall:

Please park responsibly

A view from the top of the cliff
Prentice-Cooper State Forest & Wildlife Management Area

Click here to review the
Prentice-Cooper Climbing Managment Guildlines

Seasonal Closures: Please make sure that your climbing trip is not planned during a scheduled hunt. The fine is $100.00 or more for Trespassing in the area during a scheduled hunt.

Permanent and semi-permanent slings and webbing should not be left in sight of any trail. Doing so is most problematic within the viewshed of the waterfalls. Please make every effort to clean your routes at the end of the day. Please never leave draws on routes like Twistin' in the Wind and Sun King which are: 1) adjacent to the waterfall, and 2) easy to clip on lead and easy to clean on top rope at the end of the day. For difficult routes that take several attempts and a number of trips to the crag, come work the route frequently so you can red point it and remove your draws in a timely manner. Do not leave draws on routes in Prentice-Cooper and then go climbing elsewhere while your draws in Prentice-Cooper hang there unused; please spend your climbing time attempting to red point your routes at the T-Wall so you can take your draws down.

Do not leave ANYTHING in your car. Otherwise thieves are very likely to break into it and steal your belongings.

Do not park on the road as this blocks traffic and angers some of the locals that drive down the road.

Bolting: The Prentice-Cooper Climbing Managment Guildlines specificy that a permit is required to install bolts and any other fixed anchors in Prentice-Cooper. Contact info@seclimbers.org for more information. Per the Managment Plan, there are strict guidelines as to how bolts will be added. Unauthorized bolting is a prosecutable offense. It is considered vandelism, and it jeopardizes access and the good relationship climbers have developed with the TN Division of Forestry.
Click here to download a Climbing Bolt Installation Permit Application Form in PDF format.

Climbing is NOT allowed at the following locations*:
   1) Indian Rock House - an archeaological site.
   2) Snooper's Rock
   3) Bluffview at the end of Tower Road
*Please be aware that the Division of Forestry does not currently have the resources to allow climbing activites to take place in areas where climbing is not already established or for climbing traffic to increase in less popular areas. So, no new climbing areas should be established at this time. Please contact Prentice-Cooper's climber liason Kirk Brode if you are interested in new development including, climbing routes and trails. All bolting activities requires written autorization and coverage under a Climbing Bolt Installation Permit.

A Pit Toilet is located behind a boulder, near the back of the campground, about 100 yards straight out the back side of the parking lot.

Camping is limited to the spots near the parking lot. This is NOT an officially recognized campsite by the Forest Service or TWRA so please be very low impact. Camping on the north side of the road is prohibited. In other words, camping at the crag or on the way up to the crag is prohibited. Camp fires are also prohibited at the crag and elsewhere north of the road. There is free camping at the Wildlife Management Area campground at the Main Entrance to Prentice-Cooper on top of the mountain (view map).

Guiding, Commercial Operations, Events and Group Usage:

Please click here to review
TN State Law pertaining to Protection of Foresty Land

(1) Engaging in a business or commercial solicitation of any kind within a State Forest is prohibited without a written permit from the District Forester or a fully executed contract with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry Division.
Authority: T.C.A. ��4-3-201et seq., 11-1-101 et seq., 11-4-101 et seq., and Executive Order No. 41 (February 4, 1991).

(1) Public meetings, assemblies, gatherings, demonstrations, and other events are permitted within state forests on lands that are open to the general public provided a permit has been issued by the District Forester.
(2) Any application for such a permit shall set forth the name of the applicant, the date, time, duration, nature and place of the proposed event, and estimate of the number of persons expected to attend, and a statement of equipment and facilities to be used.
Authority: T.C.A. ��4-3-201et seq., 11-1-101 et seq., 11-4-101 et seq., and Executive Order No. 41 (February 4, 1991).

General Info:
The Tennessee Wall is located on River Canyon Road (aka Mullen's Cove Rd) just outside of Chattanooga in the picturesque Tennessee River Gorge. The trailhead and the majority of the crag lies within Prentice-Cooper State Forest and Wildlife Management Area, with a significant portion of the crag crossing over onto the Tennessee River Gorge Trust.

This gem was largely developed by legendary climber Rob Robinson. The cliff, with a gold mine of classic cracks and mind blowing roofs, is one of the best crags in the South, and North America in general. Fall, Winter and Spring are excellent times to visit.

The mission of the Tenneessee River Gorge Trust is CONSERVATION and PRESERVATION. It is private land. Though their relationship with climbers is a positive one, permission to climb has NOT been granted. Nor is a closure being enforced (gratefully). Let's keep it that way by being ultra-responsible and low impact. The SCC is proud to be a member of the TRGT on your behalf, but also we encourage to you to join as an individual. Let them know that your donation is in appreciation for allowing climbing activity at the T-Wall.

Additional info on Prentice-Cooper and the Tennessee Wall:
  • Prentice-Cooper State Forest: 423-634-3091
  • TN Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA): 800-262-6704
  • The Tennesse River Gorge Trust
  • Cumberland Trail Conference: 931-456-6259

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